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What it was like to make a shocking discovery about your spouse

December 29, 2014, 5:27 am | This story has an Influence Score of 1412

By riazhussain

Casting its warm shades on the horizon, the morning sun gradually rose in the East and galvanized the sleeping world to yet face another day. This was a sunny morning after several foggy ones. Vehicles began to move on the roads. Since it was Sunday, school and college buses did not appear on the roads. On such sunny Sundays, Rani would come to the walled rooftop of her house and enjoy the warmth of the winter Sun. On this particular Sunday, she had a cup of tea in one hand and a digest in the other. She placed the tea cup on a small table and began to survey the buildings, houses and green spaces around their house, which overlooked the other buildings and it was one of her pastimes to view the world around their home. It was a rather large structure, where she lived with her parents. She had her little sips of tea as she reclined in her chair. Her flowing hair shone and hung luxuriantly. She was a sensitive, well-groomed college girl who had secured good grades in her studies. She was full of potential and hopes. She was the eldest child of her parents. Therefore, she would help her mother look after her siblings. That Sunday, her school-going siblings were still in bed. Therefore, she had come upstairs to sat while staring at a bird couple sitting in a nearby tree.   

The birds were preening and grooming each other’s feathers. This sight stimulated her mind and she began to think about the latest development in her life.  

One day, when she returned from college, she found her home full of guests. Her aunt and her cousin had come from the USA. Rani was surprised to see them. Her aunt  gave her a warm hug. It appeared as if they were waiting for her to return from college. Her aunt praised Rani’s  beauty and her cousin exchanged some sweet nothings with her. The gradual outcome of this meeting was her engagement with her first cousin Roshan. 

 After the engagement, she began to think a lot about her on-coming marriage . After the engagement, her aunt went back to the USA with her son and other members of her family. The marriage ceremony was to take place after one year in winter months.  Her parents started their preparations for the marriage especially with regard to the dowry of the bridegroom. She completed her graduation with laurels and gradually, the year went by. Her aunt’s family arrived from the USA and the date of her marriage was decided. The day finally arrived and she got married to her cousin Roshan. He had been educated in the USA and she had heard that his family ran a superstore in the USA. The groom and his family flew back to the USA after the marriage. Her husband took her documents to the USA and arranged a visa for her. She had to join her husband’s family in the USA. Her parents saw her off with tears. She reached the New World and started her new life with her soul mate in a new home. Her aunt and her family were running a vast business of super stores there. Time went by and after a year, Rani gave birth to twins. They altered her life. Taking care of her two newly born babies was not an easy task. She was so devoted that she forgot herself. Her husband never extended any help to her. He would leave in late in the morning and would come back late in the evening. In addition, at times he would remain away from home for several days. In the beginning she could not understand but later she came to know that her husband had another business as well. She insisted that he should tell her. When he disclosed his secret business, she was shocked to listen that she and parents had been swindled. Her heart seemed to have stopped. She came to know that her husband was a drug trafficker.

She begged and pleaded with him to quit the dirty job but he refused to change his mind. He maintained that he had reached a point of no return. She was in a dilemma. Her aunt had told lies about her son’s business. She could not tell anything to anybody; after all, it was a matter of her aunt’s honor. She could not report the matter to law enforcement agencies. She was surrounded with fears of warrants, raids, crackdowns, investigations and jail. 

She was not able to do anything. The questions reverberated in her mind were ‘Where shall I go if I leave him? and ‘What will become of my two boys?’ When she was in college before marriage, life was full of hope for her, but now life seemed to be in a mess.  It is a blind alley-- or a house of cards -- which can collapse at anytime. She had lost her confidence in her relatives. When she made this shocking discovery, at first, she thought she was having a nightmare which would end when she woke up. She said to herself, ‘I hope it is not true’. But, it was a real life nightmare. The girl which loved looking at the rising sun had now lost interest in everything. The morning sun now does not dispel the dreary landscape of her inner world. Hope has wilted and there seems to be fog everywhere. With a broken heart, life’s dreams shattered and a deep pain seated in her every vein, the paranoid and frail soul continues to tread the stony paths of life for the sake of her children.     

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