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What it was like to have an affair

December 13, 2012, 11:57 am | This story has an Influence Score of 2069

By kareezafelarca

Anyone is capable of cheating and people by nature aren’t really good in resisting temptations. Some even say that infidelity is inevitable. Why do some people cheat on their partners? Some try it for fun, some do it for convenience while others take the risk to simply fulfill what their mind, body or heart desires. Does it bring any good to parties involved? For some, it does. It could bring excitement and boost a man’s machismo, while it could provide women a sense of  security and appreciation. Recent studies show that there’s almost an equal ratio of unfaithful men versus unfaithful women.

“Women cheat because they seek belongingness and romance”, says Faye, a 27-year old married woman. She had an affair with her boss 5 years ago and it all started when everything between Faye and her husband began to get usual and boring. She noticed that her husband became less appreciative and became less interested in things about her. She felt less beautiful and worst, she felt less needed.
Latest statistics shows that workplace has become the number 1 place where people engage in extramarital affairs. Faye was one of those people who found comfort and belongingness from someone in the office. She admired her boss for showing excellent leadership skills. He was fun and very easy to get along with. At first, it was only an admiration and she had no intentions of taking her feelings seriously. Besides, it was just a mere admiration and was not a big deal at all. Since they work closely and share the same stories and issues at work, it made them that much closer.  They consistently went out to lunch together, empathized with each other’s personal problems at home and had a very good friendship. Later on, emotional attachments got on the way and it led to a blissful romance.  She never thought that it will lead to something serious and complicated. Her boss seemed to like her as much as she liked him. They started going out discreetly and she came up with bunch of lies and excuses just to meet the guy in every chance that she gets. She unbelievably enjoyed sneaking about and she strongly felt more alive and appreciated. Her mind kept on telling her to stop, but her heart and body just wouldn't.
Her excitement and happiness didn’t last that long. It seemed like as days went by, guilt continued to strick her. She lacked sleep and completely lost her inner peace. Her soul seemed to be lost and her happiness didn’t feel genuine at all. Their affair lasted for a year and it ended when Faye quitted her job and put an end to her sinful affair with her boss.
“It felt so devastating. My husband found out and we were on the edge of losing our marriage because of my foolishness and carelessness”, Faye said.
Faye’s decision to stop the affair with her boss wasn’t easy. Her feelings were so strong that she was even willing to sacrifice her marriage for the sake of being with the guy. There came tears and confusions before she finally realized that her husband didn’t deserve such disrespect and dillema. She also realized that it was time to give herself some respect. She cursed and hated herself for what she had done and wished that everything would go back that way it used to.

Infidelity is a choice. We don’t blame others for our actions, and that is what Faye exactly did. She faced the consequences without blaming anyone for her mistakes and she subsequently worked very hard to work things out with her husband. She did everything to make it all up to her spouse and patiently allowed time to heal wounded souls and bruised egos. Mike values her so much and his unconditional love made things easier for them to forgive each other and leave tormenting memories in the past. That painful experience made them cherish each other more. They doubled their efforts in ensuring that they will bring out the best from each other. Faye learned to honor her spouse by always reminding herself of their marriage vow of fidelity.

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