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What it's like to play a difficult piano masterpiece perfectly

"The longer the song lasts the more you relax and try your hardest to emphasize what needs to be heard."

by @mariocantin | | 5390 views

What it's like to introduce your native music in Europe as a refugee

The story of an asylum seeker from Central Asia who is promoting his native music and culture in Europe.

by riazhussain | | 9677 views

What it's like to write songs for world peace

This story tells us how a singer uses his anti-war songs to spread a message of peace in the world.

by riazhussain | | 6961 views

What it's like to collect autographs of celebrities

This story tells us about a person who is in the hobby of collecting autographs of the celebrities.

by riazhussain | | 8320 views

What it's like to be a bassist

Playing from the heart makes the best musician no matter what instrument they play

by kareezafelarca | | 7051 views

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