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Family, kids & Parenting

What it's like to be in a failed marriage

"You wonder what's wrong with you that you either can't measure up as a spouse."

by @mariocantin | | 6037 views

What it's like to be a single mother

This is the inspiring story of Jenny who, in spite of her young age, has faced the challenges of being a single-mother.

by leahgarcia | | 8231 views

What it was like to lose your son in a plane crash

A true tragic story from India.

by riazhussain | | 6500 views

What it was like to be shocked at your daughter's secret marriage

A story from a culture where court wedding is a social stigma.

by riazhussain | | 6121 views

What it was like to work altruistically all your life for your siblings

A tragic story of an unsung hero who worked silently for the betterment of his next of kin.

by riazhussain | | 5827 views

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