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What it's like to be a graphic designer

August 7, 2013, 4:10 pm | This story has an Influence Score of 2879

By kareezafelarca

Ms. Levi Batara is a hardworking and committed graphic designer who has a strong passion for art and designs. She has been a finalist to a few national painting competitions in college and has done group exhibits in galleries. She's taken a course in Fine Arts, Major in Advertising. She hasn't finished her degree yet, but she has worked with different clients already. In college, she started to do freelance work with Malachi where she designed ads and collaterals. Levi had also worked for a Korean company where she did designs for comics. She also has experience working for Wacom as a Demo Artist for their products. She is currently working for a hotel and is still doing projects with Malachi as of today. Levi does side projects from time to time and has been working as a graphic designer for over two years now. Aside from graphic designing, she's also into other things like music and writing.

“I love singing while playing the guitar. I miss being in a band. I also write poems and prose. I love riding on my bike while listening to good music and taking photographs. There is nothing like a good joyride, especially here in Ilocos [Philippines]. But as they say, jack of all trades, master of none. So I try to focus on art. I want to practice doing tattoos. Painting is my first love.”, she said.

Levi was greatly influenced by her professors who've graduated from her alma mater. They are all successful in this field, and one already has his own advertising company. Levi was inspired about how her professor had struggled financially during his school years just to support his studies.

“Now, he’s a successful businessman and I believe their company is even branching out. I have this philosophy in life that people who came from the worst would eventually become the best because they know what it’s like to have nothing. They can be the best as long as they know how to value the things that are priceless. I am the single mom of a one-year old baby and as for now, I just want to make sure that I can support my daughter, give her everything she needs and more while I do my job. I just want to save, save, save. Someday, I’ll have my own business in line with art. I’m dead serious to have a business, Levi added.

Levi has a strong passion for what she does. She sees graphic designing as an attitude, and not just merely a source of income. She describes it as similar to a bad temper or a boisterous laugh that needs to be let off. Levi loves being a graphic designer because she gets to enjoy, earn and learn all at the same time. What she hates about it, on the other hand, are the tight deadlines and endless revisions.

“Sometimes, my bosses would give last minute jobs that would make me wish that I could just wave a wand and taadaa… It is done! Also, there are times when the revisions for a design are never ending” she said.

Levi listens to opinions of other people and knows how to meet them halfway. She is rational and open for suggestions. Most of her end products are commendable because she knows how to please a client or boss without compromising the design. Levi also describe herself as a fan of simplicity, which makes her know how to emphasize the important details.

Seeing the designs of other artists gives her the urge to be better and learn more than what she already knows. She wants to continue experimenting and learn how to operate a wide array of programs. She believes that she hasn't been out of her safe zone yet and there are many things to learn.

“There is no greater competition than to outdo yourself”, Levi added.

Levi's openness, aggressiveness and her drive to succeed are what make her stand out among other artists. The characteristics that she possesses, in addition to her eye for details and creative imagination, are the things that obviously makes her a competent and notable graphic designer. Her designs would absolutely touch, educate and delight those who view them.

"It’s never too late to start, never too early to grow. Yes, there are a lot of graphic designers better than you. Just practice, practice, practice! Eventually, you will find your own style that will set your work apart. Just enjoy what you do, don’t be scared to ask, be open to new ideas and new ways. Accept your mistakes and don’t take criticisms too personally. Get used to it. Just know how to take these challenges. They either build you or destroy you, but in the end, it will always be your choice. Lastly, as my friend always says, keep your head up to the sky and your feet on the ground."

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