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What it's like to be a freelance model

December 18, 2012, 1:11 pm | This story has an Influence Score of 3830

By kareezafelarca

It takes guts and hardwork to achieve success and fame. There is never an easy way and the truth is, rewards always come at a cost. Fashion Modelling requires uniqueness, focus and positive attitude that will make you stand out among thousands of models who are are aiming to be on top. Jason Liang, a freelance model doesn’t merely aim to be on top. Modelling is something that gives him passion, excitement, drive and direction. He’s doing it not just to get paid. It awards him fulfillment and self worth, and these are what drives him to be the person that he wants people to be proud of.

Jason was a pimple-faced kid during his teenage years. The zits were severely visible on his face down to his back. It was really a depressing year for Jason as he became the laughing stock in school. His experiences were too painful that he even tore his graduation picture right after it was printed. Who would have thought that someone like Jason will become a handsome and spectacular model that he is now?

Years ago, Jason thought of how he could bring himself into the fashion industry. Doing poses in front of the mirror and walking like a runway model was something that he was fond of doing ever since he was a kid. When he had his first digital camera, he eagerly took pictures of himself to see how he would look like on a semi-professional camera. He posted these photos online just for fun. One day, Jason unexpectedly received a message from a local agency asking him  to do workshops with them. He cheerfully accepted the offer and that is when he started on taking his dream onto  the next level.

He acquired knowledge from well-known personalities  such as  Garrett Forbes, Ash Stymest and Cole MohrWhen. These people influenced him to enhance his skills as a model.

“I was inspired by their magnificent skills and remarkable poses. I admired how they bring their personality out as they effortlessly did their poses. I was also inspired by super models like Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. I definitely gained a lot of knowledge because of them”, Jason said.

He enjoys being a freelance model as he gets to decide on his own and he has the power to decide on the path that he wants to take. His choices and opportunities are limitless depending on how dedicated he is in reaching his goals.

Inspite of Jason’s hard work, disappointments have been part of his modelling career. He often experiences rejection, humiliation and defeat. He chooses to be insensitive when it comes to dealing with people and situations that are pulling him down.

“Words are hurtful especially when it comes from those who don’t realize all your efforts and sacrifices. I know that I can’t please everybody that’s why I always pray that God will grant me an admirable personality, a broader mind and a forgiving heart”, Jason said.

Jason has now modelling for 5 wonderful years and he continues to improve professionally and personally to become better each time. Pessimists make him stronger and bolder and he knows that as long as he has God as his guide and mentor, he can surpass all the the challenges that will come his way.

Fierce. Remarkable. Genuine. That is how I see Jason as a model and as a person. His positive attitude is his greatest foundation in becoming a successful individual that can be looked up by aspiring models of his generation.

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