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PreAcquaint Community Guidelines

PreAcquaint.com is an empathy-creation website in which users share what something is like -- or was like or will be like -- with others in the form of stories which contain either only text or various combinations or text, images and video links.

Commercial stories are allowed, for a fee, and are intended to acquaint beforehand -- hence the term "preacquaint", an actual English word which has dropped out of use a while back -- the reader (user) with a company or its products or services. Commercial stories are clearly labeled as such, so they can be avoided should the user choose so.

The following guidelines have been set so as to foster a pleasant experience for users of the site. Those who fail to abide by the guidelines set herein in a way that negatively impacts the community in the view of the site moderators are in breach of the Terms of Use and are open to have their account cancelled.

1- Flag any and all inappropriate content that you encounter while on the site. Sexually explicit content is absolutely not be to tolerated on PreAcquaint.com, as well as abusive comments, racism, and anything else which you can see is obviously wrong. We therefore greatly appreciate your help in keeping the site free of these elements.

2- If you take the time to rate a particular story, please do it accurately so your input is useful to the community.

3- If you contribute to a story, please make your addition constructive and helpful.

4- Be tactful and respectful when you comment, even if you disagree with the author, otherwise skip it.

5- Do not share others' private information or in other ways jeopardize the safety of others while using the site.

6- Do not ever spam, as it will quickly get your account terminated, and might even bring about legal prosecution in some cases.

7- Do not advertise your business in non-commercial stories, as it will be considered a misrepresentation of your activities on the site. All stories which are really a sales pitch of any kind, must be registered as commercial stories, and the monthly fee paid and up-to-date.

8- Do NOT post stories for which you do not own the copyrights, or do not have the permission to republish.

9- Do not troll, or otherwise engage in abusive conduct.

10- Do not impersonate another.