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What it's like to visit Odisha

February 24, 2016, 7:44 pm | This story has an Influence Score of 2567

By PreAcquaint

Written by Prakash Mishra

Photography by Wietse Jongsma

Well . I can vouch for it. Its nice. There are some really cool places to visit and enjoy quality time. i would mention some cool places worth visiting.


In bhubaneshwar there are hundreds of temples and it's the capital city. Recently its been awarded the first position in nomination for the smart city initiative . There are official establishments and not many things you would miss unless you roam around. However i would suggest if you are a foodie, go to Pahala on NH8 for delicious Odia sweets like rasgolla, chenna poda and chhena Gaja. The place is about 10 kms from Bhubaneshwar and is worth giving it a shot. If you are fond of culture and heritage you might visit Khandagiri and udaygiri which have some jain background story and there is a temple of Bhagwan mahavir Jain over there.


Then there is Konark Sun Temple in Konark. ( About 50 kms from BBSR ) There is a very nice beach over there as well known as chandrabhaga.


Then there is puri Jagannath temple, Puri sea beach in Puri district which is about 60 kms from Bhubaneshwar. On the way just after crossing the city limits of Bhubaneshwar there is Dhauli Giri which is a buddhist Pagoda and is a must see.


If you visit Puri Temple Please make sure you have some time in buffer. The Mahaprasada is served only twice a day and you should not miss it. Mahaprasada is cooked and served in the Temple’s kitchen and there is 56 dishes in total that is served to the deities. then there are dry prasads which you can carry back if you want. One thing to make sure during visiting Puri Temple is not to pay any attention to the local Priests inside temple premises. ( Some of them are not even Priests ) Don’t be disrespectful , just say politely that you don’t need their service.


Actually you don’t have to pay anywhere unless you wish to other than the prashad and Diyas ( if you wish to) Else you might mind end up paying some bucks to them later. If any assistance required you might ask local security guards or genuine pilgrims inside the temple. Cellphone, cameras are not allowed inside the temple and you will have to leave it outside.( there are provisions for the same at a nominal charge or else you can leave it in your vehicle )


3–4 Days should be good enough for wrapping these places.

The remaining places are secondary if you have more time and wish to see more.


Chillika Lake,Bhitarkanika National Park, Cuttack City

Some important points to remember.

  • Odisha enjoys all seasons (Summer, rainy and Winter ) but overall its hot there in summers (About 6 Months ). Therefore carry sunblock, shades and stay hydrated.


  • Life is little slow there. People are helpful and are glad to help but one must use common sense and be little attentive like one must always do as a tourist.


  • Accommodation, food, taxis, autos are very economical compared to Delhi-Mumbai. Therefore do a little research before booking hotels and paying money. Make sure to Bargain.

  • Don’t visit during rainy season. It will spoil your vacation. It continuously rains there all around.


  • Some street foods you must try while in Odisha.

  • Dahibara Aludam, Chaat, Gupchup ( paani Puri ) — You will find almost every where in Odisha.


  • If you decided to visit Chillika Lake, there are plenty of dhabas there offering sea foods. Try Fish and Crab Curry over there.



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