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What it's like to visit Greenland

February 8, 2016, 7:23 pm | This story has an Influence Score of 1578

By PreAcquaint

Written by Samyaraj Das

Photography by Wietse Jongsma

The best times to travel to Greenland are in spring and summer. Spring in Greenland offers lots of dog-sledding in March and April and the capital ofNuuk hosts the Snow Festival. The Arctic Circle Race, the world’s toughest cross-country skiing race, takes place in Sisimiut in spring.


The summer months are from May to September. The fjords have melted by this time so travelers can enjoy boat trips to glaciers, settlements and historical sites.


If you are one of those who crave for extreme adventures, you may think of visiting Greenland in winter. To witness the real Arctic nature, visit Greenland between November and February. At this time of year, better than at any other, witness the spectacular northern lights (Aurora Borealis)and enjoy long dog-sledding tours and snowmobile excursions .


The locals in this part of the world are especially friendly to everyone. Almost 25% of Greenlanders live in Greenland’s capital Nuuk (meaning “peninsula”). Danish currency (DKK) is used here as well.


The only challenge about travelling in Greenland appears to be the lack of roads connecting towns far apart from each other, so you have to rely on airplane or helicopter and in some cases, water transport.






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