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Play a difficult piano masterpiece perfectly

"The longer the song lasts the more you relax and try your hardest to emphasize what needs to be heard."

by @mariocantin | | 1636 views | Score 495

Be in a failed marriage

"You wonder what's wrong with you that you either can't measure up as a spouse."

by @mariocantin | | 2242 views | Score 757

Be an anaesthesiologist

This is a brief overview of a medical specialty that is somewhat obscure.

by helenholtby_1 | | 2290 views | Score 769

Be black in America

"Being Black in America is about people seeing you, and then creating their own grandiose story of who you are."

by @mariocantin | | 2852 views | Score 885

Be in an arranged marriage

"What matters is accurate and unmanipulated communication of expectations and a deeper understanding."

by @mariocantin | | 2678 views | Score 730

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