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What it's like to lose everything in a moment

March 8, 2015, 7:55 pm | This story has an Influence Score of 1853

By @mariocantin

Written by Malek Allaham -- originally posted on Quora.com

I am not going to tell you fancy tale or something comes from artificial movies, it's the story of Most Syrian people (Syria is having a civil war since 2011-3 till today).

I am going to tell you my story, my personal story, how could you imagine that you are in an ordinary day, take your ordinary early meal, wearing the ordinary cloths leaving your family sleeping and go to work? this is an ordinary, shiny day.... and I used to check the news over the Facebook (we in Syria don't trust any news agencies but the personal posts and the local pages over the Facebook) and reading that there are some shooting and firing near my district....

At the moment, this was a very normal piece of news, shooting, sounds of shelling, bombs everywhere, demonstrations...

I would never forget the date, it was 18 or 17 -7-2012. And all of a sudden, in the middle of that day, I received a hasty call from my mother "Don't come back to the house, we are in your grandmother's house, the shooting come near to our house and it's horrible there, there is a tank nearby".

At that moment It never crossed to my mind that I will not be able to come back to the house because it was also normal to get out of the house and come back to it after things calm down. it was dangerous to live in Damascus in some districts.

Things turn to be more horrible than I thought, we could not come back to the house again, we were still in our clothes for four days without any change nor any chance to get back.

After that horrible week, my dad and I could come to the house, putting our souls on hands and crossing so many military checkpoints. The house was enforced into and lots of things were stolen, I hurried into my room to check the credentials (passport, my graduation certs.... ) they were safe but my laptop and my external HDD were stolen, they have not let me keep any bit :( there also some money stolen and lots of kitchen stuff were scattered all over the flat ...

We lost the data, and we could not take our old photos with us, we could only take the necessary cloths and some things to make us some sort of living ....This was not the case of sleeping because we managed to get a room in my grandmother's house, but it's a case of memories left behind, the emotions of the house we used to live in ...

We lost everything, the house , the money, the living place, lost the bright future in this land ....

Two years passed since we left the house carrying nothing but our in-hand cloths, and still the hope enriches our souls. Hope in Allah (God) and that we will come back one day.


Source: www.quora.com. Link: http://www.quora.com/How-does-it-feel-to-lose-everything-in-a-moment

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