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Visit Mongolia

Two trips to the land of Genghis Khan, nomadic culture, country colours, Buddhist spirituality and vast steppes.

by riazhussain | | 4490 views | Score 1415

Live in Portugal

A look at this southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain and the Atlantic Ocean.

by PreAcquaint | | 4930 views | Score 1407

Get pregnant at a very young age

This story highlights the consequences of teenage pregnancy

by kareezafelarca | | 5355 views | Score 1406

Visit the ruins of the ancient city of Harappa

A visit to the vestiges of one of the well-organized ancient cities of the Indus Valley Civilization.

by riazhussain | | 5425 views | Score 1399

Cover the Congolese civil war

A first-hand account of the deadliest war in the history of modern Africa

by riazhussain | | 5191 views | Score 1394

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