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What it was like to have a beach wedding

July 9, 2013, 10:28 pm | This story has an Influence Score of 2097

By kareezafelarca

Beach Weddings are considerably popular in various countries across the globe. One of the reasons why it has become so appealing is because of the romantic and serene ambiance that it can offer. Walking hand in hand with the one you love, barefooted, with the feel of the sand and sea surrounding you can be one of those undying fantasies that soon-to-be brides long for.

Erika was just one of these women who was lucky to have this dream finally fulfilled. Princess Beach in Destin, Florida has witnessed the most important life event of the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Hendricks.

Erika and Blake have gone to the same middle school. She was a cheerleader and Blake was a basketball player. For a few years, they went to different schools. When they both graduated, one of her best friends, Emily, formally introduced them to each other. From then on, they’ve been inseparable (1 year and 6 months)

Blake proposed to Erika around Christmas in 2012.

“It was so sweet! He hid the ring in one of my mom's Christmas decorations then told me that one of the pieces were broken. When I went to check it out....THERE WAS THE RING! It was so beautiful!”, she said.

Erika and Blake were engaged for six months. They both wanted to have the wedding on the beach since that's where they had spent their first vacation together. They did consider a traditional wedding, but after looking into a beach wedding, they realized how much cheaper and easier it would be.

“We love the beach so it was a very easy decision - I mean wouldn't it be for anyone? The only reason why we would have changed the decision we made is if some loved ones that we are close to wouldn't have been able to make it because of the distance, which would have been very heartbreaking for everybody”, she added.

For Erika, a beach wedding is the easiest, simplest yet most beautiful way to tie the knot.

“The program does everything for you from hiring a preacher to putting flower petals down the aisle. It is very non stressful which is a great thing for a bride-to-be because trust me, every bride can go a little crazy!”, she said.

Their budget for the beach wedding was $4500, but with her mom being the planner, Erika knew that they went way over that. She was not sure on how her dad’s wallet felt about that, but it was a very beautiful wedding so she think it was worth it.

The couple got married on June 23,2013 in Princess Beach right outside of Destin, Florida.

“Our wedding was the best experience of our lives! The weather was perfect; it was windy and warm so it was the perfect temp. Even though I had to walk a mile in a 100 pound dress, I would make that walk everyday! When we were saying our vows it felt like we were the only ones there... It was so sweet the groomsmen and bridesmaids were getting teary eyed. The moment that the preacher said 'You may kiss the bride’, we knew we had made the best decision of our lives. The reception was also great! Everybody danced and ate amazing food. A lot of people came out of their everyday shyness on that dance floor, even us!”, Erika said.

The event had become one of the most cherished experience for everyone. A beach wedding can really make any occasion, especially a wedding, have that extra beatitude and sanctity.

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