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What it's like to fall in love with your best friend

February 9, 2015, 9:48 am | This story has an Influence Score of 1550

By @mariocantin

Originally anonymously posted on Quora.com

I had always thought, movie scripts are some dramatic love stories, which are far far beyond reality, but this one movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na seemed like a movie just out of my personal diary.

As the tag line of film suggests the toughest part about falling in love with your best friend is "So when Do you know its love ?"...


This is a story of my engineering days. Both of us were very close friends, always there for each other, shared almost every minute details of life with each other.

Right from classrooms to the canteens, from attending labs to bunking classes and roaming in the campus and also not to miss the late night calls and chats.We had everything between us. And a stage came when everyone except us were sure that we were in love, but we were always firm and tried convincing people on being "JUST FRIENDS"Since "just friends" seemed like a very old cliche, I preferred calling it "Divine Friendship". We both understood and complimented each other too well, but never did the thoughts of love come in between us. We thought we were the epitome of friendship. Contrary to what people said we believed that "A girl and a boy CAN be best friends"But life was never so easy going as twists and turns kept coming. Placement proved to be one such twist. The day we both got placed (in different companies), everyone around were congratulating us for our success. But surpassing the happiness, we started feeling the fear of separation. A feeling of discomfort started creeping in. It was then when we realized how inseparable we were from each other. We could not imagine ourselves without each other, we both had become an integral part. After lots of hesitations and discussions we concluded that we had fallen for each other.. The divine friendship wasn't just friendship after all.

The next big question was, if we were doing the right thing or shall we remain just friends (or divines friends ). But, then falling in love was not our choice, it just happened. And as they say "never go against the nature", we decided to continue.

My transition from BestFriend to BoyFriend

Frankly speaking, I never thought there would be much change in the relationship, but suddenly we became conscious of everything around. The routine hi5's, the same friendly touches and the normal closeness didn't feel the same. As I mentioned we became more conscious, it made us too much uncomfortable. This went on for some time and everything seemed too confusing and distorted.All the problem/confusion needed a cure and that cure came in the form of a HUG.

This hug came in almost after 4  years of togetherness and the feeling was so so special. Both of us did not speak a single word at that moment and in that moment of warmth, love and care, we exchanged more feelings than what we had ever shared since we met. It was truly a "JADOO KI JHAPPI" ( The Magical Hug ) .

Hugging was just only one such instance of that special feeling, that special bond, that assurance only a best friend can give you. I don't have any more words to explain.

Now its almost 7 years and we are still celebrating our togetherness.

To conclude, people say that "LOVE IS TEMPORARY BUT FRIENDS ARE FOREVER", but I would say that "IF YOUR BEST FRIEND BECOMES YOUR LOVE, YOU HAVE AN ETERNAL FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE" and that to me is the biggest blessing on can get..



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