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What it's like to collect autographs of celebrities

February 2, 2013, 2:09 pm | This story has an Influence Score of 2394

By riazhussain

It is natural for us to love those who have done their jobs well. When people gain celebrity status due to their performance, skills and talent, the media gives extensive coverage not only to their professional work but also focuses on their personal life and scandals. Common people like to read about celebrities in the news. They like to see their performance in real life. Some celebrities acknowledge the love of their fans by chatting with them . They smile and laugh when their admirers request them 'May I have my picture taken with you?'. Their fans make collections of these snapshots and signatures or autographs and display the autographed items in thier rooms. 

An autograph, actually, is a casual and artsy signature of a person. There are signatures and autographs which are handwritten and there are signatures and autographs which are made with machines.  People like to collect autographs from sports star, singers, scientists, actors, artists, well-known social workers, political leaders and authors. There are people who just want to get autographs of famous people . They do not focus on any particular field or domain. At the same time, there are people who prefer to collect autogrpahs of celebrities belonging to a certain field. Michael Borkson is one of them. He is fond of music and  therefore collects autographs of music celebrities. 

Michael lives in Boston, Mass in the USA. He has collected authentic autographs of a number of singers. He maintains a gallery of authentic autographs. He has autographed photos and CDs of famous singers.

Autograph collectors, usually, collect autographs of celebrities by writing to them and then getting  their autographs by mail. But this way of collecting takes time. It may take months or even years before the celebrities find time to respond to to you. Michael has collected some of these autographs through his personal encounters with celebrities. Whenever he approached the big stars in the world of Music, they responded and gave him autographs for free. He has collected fanciful autographs of celebrities and singers. These autographs show that he had personal encounters with these celebrities.

He has attended shows staged by different music bands. He has met with Deep Purple when they performed at the Citi-Center Wang Theater in Boston, Mass. on June 7, 2011. He remembers meeting the members like Ian Paice, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Steve Morse and Don Airey. 

He is a fan of Mitch Ryder. He regards him an unsung hero. Mitch Ryder has recorded dozens of albums. Borkson likes his wailing singing style. He remembers meeting Mitch Ryder when he performed at Kowloons in Saugus, Mass. near Boston on June 9, 2011. 

He has also been with the English musician Simon LeBon, the lead singer and lyricist of the band Duran Duran, when the latter performed in Boston on April 27, 2011.

He likes the first and self-titled album of the band, ‘Duran Duran’ and the later album, ‘The Wedding Album’. He has also met the American singer and songwriter Kenneth Loggins. Michael loves to listen to soft rock music. He had a chance to spend some time with Kenneth at a performance in June 2011 in Boston. Michael sings to himself ‘Two tickets to Paradise and ‘Take me Home’, the two hits of Eddie Money. He was with Eddie, the 70s Pop/ Rock singer, when Eddie Performed a free WODS concert on the Hatch Shell in Boston.


For Michael Borkson, it is an enthralling hobby to collect autographs. He respects history. The autographs he has collected remind Michael of his encounters with these celebrities. His collection demontrates a passion for singers and their craft. Signatures or autographs of the singers tell us about the minds who signed them. They show elegant ascenders and graceful descenders. For instance, some autographs are bold, while ohers are fanciful and 'slim'. Some autographs are simple, others are intricate. So, these variations in style of autographs speak of the minds of the celebrities. 

The value of an autograph depends on the person signing the autograph and the medium on which it is signed. Michael has the autographs of more than 157 celebrities. He says, ''I made a set of 157 autographs of classic rock artists, just some of the many I have met in person and gotten autographs from'. He has got autographs on CD covers and on celebrity photos.


These autographs tell Michael that he was important to the celebrities. The celebrities responded to his love by signing their autographs. He thinks that he was able to capture a moment in the lives of the busy celebrities through autographs. By collecting the autographs of these celebrities, he tries to safeguard the past. These tokens show that despite their tight schedule, the celebrities were able to have some time  for him and other fans. These autographs are messages of love and acknolwdgement that have been left with him. When you have tokens of love from your favourite singers, listening to their songs feels as if you were listening to a close friend who cared for you. 


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