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What it's like to cheat on your boyfriend

February 8, 2015, 2:25 pm | This story has an Influence Score of 1633

By @mariocantin

Originally anonymously posted on Quora.com

I was in a long distance relationship with this guy for almost a year. And things were working out pretty good between us.

But there was this really cool guy in my college, and we were good friends initially. But we had so much in common between us, and he seemed to understand me so well, in ways my boyfriend had never even tried to... I started falling for him. My boyfriend did not doubt me in any way - he had no reason to, I had given him no reason to in the past.

So one thing lead to another, and I started going out with this guy. As expected, there was a LOT of time during the day I couldn't explain to my boyfriend if he asked me where I had been. And our relationship went downhill then on, all we could do was quarrel. Soon enough he started accusing me of cheating on him, and i vehemently denied, making all sorts of promises so he would believe me.

I know it was very bad of me, but I just didnt have the courage to tell him the truth. And neither did the guy in my college know that I was in this situation (I had told him that we had broken up long ago). This went on for almost 4 months, when suddenly my boyfriend told me he had to come to visit me. He felt that so many months of not seeing each other had  made us like this, and a few days of togetherness will solve all our problems.

I was panicstriken! By then, I absolutely had no feelings for my boyfriend (except an all consuming guilt that I had let him down in such a way), and I was really starting to fall in love with the other guy. I didn't want to meet my boyfriend at all, and neither did I want to break his heart by refusing him, without seemingly no reason. And most of all, I didn't want the other guy to know that my boyfriend and I were still seeing each other.

If you ask me how, I could not tell you, 'cause I myself don't know how I managed at that time. But somehow I saw my boyfriend, and immediately after he bade me goodbye for the day, I went out with the other guy. Those four days when my boyfriend was in my college were pure hell. I had to cook up all sorts of stories to make both of them believe me, and I had to be tense all the time. If my cover was blown, I would lose them both.

But thankfully, neither of them found out (I must be a VERY good liar, and I DO not pride myself on that). But after that I realised I couldn't do that any more. I could not tell my boyfriend all those words of love on the phone, while my heart belonged to someone else. I mustered enough courage (It cost me two sleepless nights, several skipped meals, and a DRASTIC fall in my CGPA) and told my boyfriend that it was over. After a lot of crying and fighting, finally I managed to sever all ties with him. And if nothing else, this break up was a BIG relief. No one loves a life of lies, and living each moment in tension that your lies would be discovered, and everything you hold dear will be lost.

I am with the "other guy" now. Its been 4 years now, and I have never even had a crush on another guy. I am happy. Finally :)It took me a lot of time to get out of the wrong relationship, but I regret the way I left things between me and my ex. I know I could have done it better. I could have told him the instant I started developing feelings for my new boyfriend. But I didn't. And I guess that's a regret I will have to live with my entire life... :(


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