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What it's like to be a technical diving instructor

The common denominator amongst all diving instructors is an unbridled love of the oceans and what lies beneath them.

by kareezafelarca | | 5379 views

What it's like to try to be a self-made person

The story of a youth who managed to carve out a career for himself by completing his education despite hardships.

by riazhussain | | 2866 views

What it's like to be in a long distance relationship

Love, constant communication, and commitment have been keeping Kim and his girl steady for 6 years

by kareezafelarca | | 3376 views

What it was like to be a law enforcement officer

"I’m very proud of having been a cop and of my association with the profession since”.

by kareezafelarca | | 3003 views

What it's like to remember the story of my father's passion

A story of patriotism and excellence

by GenieG | | 5859 views

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