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Everyday Life

What it's like to be wrongly convicted

"If you're very lucky and somewhat insightful, you see that whatever your trial has been, it's exactly what you needed."

by @mariocantin | | 4999 views

What it's like to be secretly rich

"I don't have to worry about my living expenses, and am secure in my person, place, and property."

by @mariocantin | | 6685 views

What it's like to be attractive and desired by many

"The plus is that people treat you better in almost any situation."

by @mariocantin | | 5800 views

What it's like to to realize that you'll never become what you had always wanted to be

"Letting go of this dream is no longer about failure, it is about what is right for me."

by @mariocantin | | 3975 views

What it was like to go broke in gaming

The story of a migrant worker who lost his hard-earned money while gambling.

by riazhussain | | 5513 views

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