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What it's like to be the child of a billionaire

February 10, 2015, 6:42 pm | This story has an Influence Score of 1441

By @mariocantin

Originally anonymously posted on Quora.com

Parents aren't all created equal, so this is just my experience. Take it with a big grain of salt if that's how you like your experiences.

I was always allowed to hang out with anyone I wanted. I went to private school and private university, so most of the people in my life were relatively well-off, but very few had as much money as my parents did. More significant, though, was the way other people treated me as a result. The truth is that my parents are super-rich, and they help me out a ton, but as long as they're around, I'm really not going to have access to any of that money. In the meanwhile, though, everyone in my life assumes I do. I've had work situations where people are treating me better than I'd expect (whether due to my low expectations or otherwise) and it's hard to tell if they know who my parents are. I've had tons of relationships where I get insecure about only being wanted for this money. And the fact that it isn't mine at this point makes said insecurity even more awkward because it makes me feel ridiculous: you're with me for my money, but I don't really have very much in my bank account.

On the other hand, it comes with tons of freedom. I know I can mess up financially and always be bailed out. When I was a kid my parents would tell me that when I grew up I could do anything I want and I actually believed them. I've had periods where I was working on stuff that wasn't profitable yet, and I didn't have to take a salary, which ended up increasing my earning potential later. Plus I've gotten to meet amazing people in every field through my parents. With that kind of wealth comes connections, and while the connections aren't usually useful for career stuff, I've gotten amazing advice from some of the coolest people on earth.

(Edit to include feedback from the comments:) My  parents definitely taught me that I needed to make something of my  life, but honestly I think their wealth influenced what that means. In  addition to providing me with money with which to do stuff  (...obviously), they provided me with accidental role models. Almost  everyone in my life growing up was very successful in what they'd chosen to do. I'd meet a programmer and he'd have sold his company for billions; I'd meet an artist and he'd have a solo show at MoMA. I can't  imagine anything that motivates a person to try stuff out as much as having been disproportionately exposed to wildly successful people. To this day, I'm much more willing to go for whatever it is I really want than most of my friends who grew up less wealthy are.


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