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What it was like to be eating the best tasting French Fries in the world

February 25, 2015, 8:19 pm | This story has an Influence Score of 2002

By leahgarcia


Exhausted, sweaty, famished and was in a hurry to leave. That's my scene earlier after waiting for hours in order to claim my Certificate of Employment from my previous job. I am anticipating that I will be late for work that's why I decided to go to the nearest fast food chain and order a take out for my lunch and then chased after the next schedule of the train for a ride. When I entered the train I immediately looked for a comfortable seat in order for me to take some of my french fries just to satisfy my hunger even a bit, however I was not  able to find that seat until a few more stops. When I finally did, I found myself sitting next to a strange looking person, I already noticed her even before I sat next to her. Strange looking because I can't figure out at first whether she's young or old. After a few more glances I realized that she's just a young girl, about 12 years of age, although her appearance looks older and she has a swollen stomach.

I wandered my thoughts out of this young girl for a while and enjoyed my french fries. But I couldn't help myself but to look back at her for I felt that she was staring at me or at least staring at the food in my hand. I have observed that her eyes looked sad and she seemed more exhausted than I was, at first I felt awkward that's why I stopped eating. When I got a chance I asked her "Would you like some?".

She just shook her head slowly and softly whispered "no". After a few minutes, I saw her staring at my food again, I felt like she may be just too shy to ask so I decided to ask her again to get some and almost handed her my fries. But she still refused, her answer struck me and I felt like someone has stabbed me in the chest. "Bawal po saken yan, kasi po nagdudugo ako" (I'm restricted to eat that because I'm bleeding).

pnr filtrack.jpg

I continued to ask her what she meant by that, or what her illness is but she couldn't explain it to me. I just asked her name, she gave it to me, but she was too soft spoken for me to hear, not to mention that it was too noisy inside the train. Afterwards, I saw her whispering something to a lady next to her, which I confirmed was her mother, who then turned to say thank you for my gesture. She told me that they just had come from the hospital for her daughter's check up, and explained to me her condition, bleeding--internal bleeding of the kidney.

And that explains why she couldn't have the fatty, salty fries that was enjoying; not because she just didn't want to or was too shy to get some, but because she just simply can't!

I almost burst into tears, but I gathered all my inner strength to contain my emotions. Realizations flooded through me, that particular small encounter made me see how fortunate I am that I am healthy and strong, that when I'm at her age I could enjoy and do the normal things that kids love to do-- to play, eat candy, and eat until I'm full, without having any problems or difficulty to do so. Simple and normal things that she, most likely is not enjoying because of her condition. All of a sudden I became very thankful for everything I have and well, for everything that I am.

I held her hand before I got off the train and gave her a little word of encouragement. I have forgotten all my rants about the long hours of waiting, humid weather and even my hunger because if those causes of delays had not happened, I would have not been boarded on that train, I would have not met that inspiring young girl and her mom and, I would have not tasted the most delicious, best tasting food that I have ever eaten in my life and probably in the world! ---FRENCH FRIES.

(Credits: FB Post dated May 1, 2014)


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