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What it's like to be close friends with a genius

February 15, 2015, 10:38 am | This story has an Influence Score of 1445

By @mariocantin

Written by Anukriti Chaudhari -- originally posted on Quora.com

I have a very close friend who I think is quite a genius. I wouldn't know of her exact IQ, but I’m willing to bet it is well above the threshold for being mentioned here.

These, I think, are broadly the impacts and influences of being friends with a genius:

1. Extremely Humbling: I used to consider myself considerably intelligent; I was decently good at everything I did, I could manage two to three things at a time and quite efficiently grasp every new thing that I learnt. I still do, but now, being around her, I can never think of myself being the best. For as I slog through days together working on something, she spends two hours on the same thing and still ends up doing it better than me. Simply tells me that no matter how good I become, there will always be someone better than me and that there will always be room for improving what I've done. 

2. Learning Experience: It is amazing to see the kind of knowledge she has, be it sports, economics, music, linguistics – this person seems to know everything. Initially, I used to be scared of talking to her for I would always end up feeling like a complete doofus; but now having accepted her awesomeness, I love learning things from her. Whenever she’s in a discussion with someone, I just listen to her talk, awestruck by her awesomeness!  And this happens every single time, no exceptions whatsoever. 

3. A Great Friend: No matter how abstract I might sound while discussing a problem with her, she seems to understand every bit of it. One could say this is simply because we are good friends and know each other pretty well, but I’m certain of attributing this again, to her intelligence. For two reasons – one, because I haven’t known her for long; and second because I've been much closer to many people before but I've never known someone like her. Seems to me that her level of understanding has been the same right from the start, it is just the degree of my openness that has increased gradually.

4. I feel honored when she praises me. So, the other day she tells me that I’m very good at handling multiple tasks and being efficient at all of them, and I have no clue as to how to respond because I’m still trying to make sense of why such an amazing person would say this to someone like me; but still, the fact that she appreciates it feels great. 

5. I feel proud to have a friend like her. I keep boasting of having such an incredible person as a friend, makes me look good too [which is partly why I’m writing this answer in the first place!].

 6. I love having her around. I can take stuff as casually as I want to; I know she’ll always be there to help me out in the end. This might be wrong in some sense, but a fact is a fact and I had to state it. So to put it in one word, it is simply amazing. I've learnt numerous things from her, things that I doubt I would have even learnt otherwise. I don’t really know how to end this now [she would have done it in a much more sophisticated manner :P]

Being friends with a genius is incredible in its own way :)


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