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What it's like to be an Asian-American adopted by a white family

March 22, 2015, 10:06 am | This story has an Influence Score of 818

By @mariocantin

Written by Amber Fehrenbacher -- originally posted on Quora.com

It's exactly like your life feels as a non-adopted person. It feels completely normal, safe and conventional. The only time I ever feel insecure, embarrassed or disappointed about being adopted is when it's brought to my attention on the fly by some random simpleton not privvy to social tact but well-versed in racial prejudice.

A handful of times, I've found myself in a forced conversation with a stranger asking if I ever want to go back to Korea to meet my "real parents" (because that deeply personal of a question is totally appropriate by your cab driver or your nail tech...) Just the other weekend, I was getting a cab home from a holiday work event and the driver turns around at a stop light and exclaims "Hey! You're Asian!" in full-blown ignorance & misplaced sincerity. Who says that? To anyone?

OR the shitty kid on the playground who thinks it's funny to make a squinty eye joke. Hey shitty kid, it's not (it was always the illiterate ones or the problem Ritalin kid who would make the completely out-of-context or unwarranted racially charged recess remarks and I couldn't help but wonder each time...you can't even READ! We're fucking 6th graders. Why aren't we talking about THAT?)

If I could erase all of the times my adopted life became the topic of discussion or a means of making other white people feel more "cultured," I would never notice any difference. I'm pretty grateful every day for the life I live made possible by the only parents I know who love and care for me just as intensely and deeply as I do my my own not-adopted daughter.


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