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What it's like to be a teacher

January 29, 2013, 5:27 pm | This story has an Influence Score of 2223

By kareezafelarca

Maricel is a licensed teacher who currently acts as a high school department coordinator, class adviser, and English instructor of fourth year students in IETI College of Science and Technology in San Pedro, Laguna. At present, she is taking her Master’s Degree in Philippine Normal University. Attending seminars, as well as constant reading and studying, helps her in enriching her knowledge and skills as an educator.


Maricel has a Bachelor's Degree in Education, Major in English. She graduated and took the LET, or Licensure Examination for Teachers, in year 2009. Before she took the board exam, she enrolled in a three-month comprehensive pre-board review in the National Center for Teachers, Philippine Normal University. All her hard work has paid off because she passed the board exam and received her license the same year.

After graduating, Maricel immediately searched for a teaching job as she didn’t want to be one of those unemployed graduates. Fortunately, she was hired by a private school, IETI College of Science and Technology. It was June 2009 when she started teaching. It was exactly one month after she had graduated. That time, Maricel didn’t have her license yet, but she was very thankful that her teaching skills and capabilities were considered. During her first year of teaching, she taught English to elementary pupils. The next school year, she was transferred to the high school department and taught English to first year and third year students. On her third year of teaching, she was assigned as the English teacher and adviser of fourth year students.


Maricel was aware of the fact that she would encounter students who would disrespect her. When she was transferred from the elementary department to the high school department, the students demeaned her capacity as a teacher as they were aware that she taught graders in the previous school year. Maricel pacified herself and grabbed the opportunity to prove them that she deserve to be respected. As a teacher, she kept an open-mind especially in interpreting her student’s actions.

Maricel considers each day as a battlefield for her. The major challenge that she encounter everyday is how to gain patience for reluctant and stubborn students. She is handling high school students who are in their adolescence stage. Her students’ behavior are often unpredictable. Some of them are experiencing family problems, an inferiority complex, and socio-emotional problems. She motivates her students by making them realize the importance of studies through a constant and unwavering counselling, which she found to be the most effective way for her. Maricel also believes that a teacher must be involved with his/her student’s life.

“A teacher should not limit her responsibilities in the four corners of the classroom. A personal and sincere conversation with the student makes him or her feel important. As a teacher, you are the one who should give reasons for them to love learning”, Maricel said.

Maricel’s students describe her as a "small but terrible lovable miss teacher". On the contrary, the students who are not under her supervision considers her as their strictest teacher.

“I am a disciplinarian-type. I demand authority inside the classroom, but I demand friendship outside”, she added.


Maricel considers each of her endeavours as preparation for her future. The responsibilities, obligations, experiences and learning that she gets from teaching are the things that sustain her passion for teaching.

I have the passion for children. I love sharing my experiences with them. I think that is the main reason why I chose this profession.  The joy is incomparable if you see a child learning something new because of you.”, she added.

The most important thing that she wants aspiring teachers to remember is to teach from the heart.

“Learn to love the world of teaching and it will love you back. Never count the cost of your labor for you will end up regretful. Take care of your students as you take care of your siblings, of your children. Teach them and guide them as you want your children to be guided. Let your students create their own beautiful life story.”


Being a teacher is indeed a noble profession. Their dedication to impart knowledge and instill good character among us are enough reasons for them to be considered as heroes. In this world, it’s not about who reigns and who is powerful. It is about who influences. That is what makes this profession the most noble and fulfilling of all.

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